James Martin
Physics with Astrophysics

James Martin

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

I chose Leeds for the city and also because everyone was so friendly on the open days. The School seemed nice and informal. 

Why did you choose Physics with Astrophysics? 

I find Physics fascinating, learning about how the world works is very rewarding. Astrophysics really appealed because studying how the universe works and the scale of things is really mind-blowing.

How would you describe student life for students at Leeds?

The nightlife in Leeds is great and there is always something going on in the city, which means that there’s always something to do. The Union here at Leeds is fantastic and by far the best union I’ve visited. I love the fact that it’s not for profit and that it employs students.

What will be your favourite memories of studying at Leeds?

Although it is a challenging course it is also really rewarding – a problem might seem like a mountain and then you achieve something at the end and that is the best feeling.

How would you describe your lecturers/ tutors/ supervisors?

The tutors and supervisors are all really approachable and friendly. There are lots of opportunities to give feedback and they use it to improve what they are offering, which is good.

What do you think of the academic facilities and support services?

The labs are such a useful tool. They really back-up what we learn in lectures and the tutors are willing to help which is good.

What university social/sporting activities have/did you become involved in during your spare time?

I have taken up boxing since I arrived at uni and it is a fantastic work out. The sporting facilities in The Edge are absolutely state of the art, I find it really therapeutic going down there for a swim.

What next? What career are you thinking of?

I am looking to go into accounting or finance or possibly work for Saudi-Aramco.

What would you say to other students from your country thinking of coming to Leeds University?

It’s a great uni but also a great city as well. It’s very easy to settle in here and the uni has given me the best education out of everywhere I’ve looked at.