Dr Paolo Actis

Dr Paolo Actis


I am a University Academic Fellow (assistant professor for the US folks) at the University of Leeds in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering .

I am developing nanoprobes for single-cell analysis and manipulation with single molecule resolution. After graduating with a PhD from the Grenoble Institute of Technology (FR), I spent 4 years in California working on my tan at NASA Ames (US) and UC Santa Cruz (US) before crossing the pond again to lose my tan at Imperial College London (UK). I then spent two years at Bio Nano Consulting as a Consultant & Project Manager.

I love playing beach volleyball and cooking (I make the best Lasagna this side of the Channel) and I used to surf and practice Krav Maga (with very mediocre results).

Research interests

Our beauty is in our differences. This is true down to the level of individual molecules that make up our body. I am working with biologists and physicians to understand the deepest difference between healthy cells and diseased cells. 

My research plan aims to develop a new platform for single-cell analysis and manipulation to study the dynamic function of individual cells in heterogeneous populations with single molecule resolution.

Single-cell Nanosurgery. I am developing an electrical nanobiopsy platform capable of extracting genetic material and organelles from single cells in culture  to study tumour cell heterogeneity and its contribution to metastasis and dormancy in human disease.

Intracellular Biosensing.  I am developing multifunctional nanoprobes based on nanopipettes that can impale a single cell and perform electrochemical measurements within the cell with minimal disruption to its function. I am intending to investigate the chemical functionalisation of the multifunctional nanoprobes to allow sensitive and selective detection of intracellular reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS).

I am collaborating with poets, dancers, musicians, designers and even chefs because knowledge has no boundaries.

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Student education

I am the module leader for ELEC5650 "Medical Electronics and e-Health" and I deliver example classes for ELEC1704 "Further Engineering Maths"

Research groups and institutes

  • Pollard Institute

Current postgraduate researchers

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