Powder Characterisation: Chemical, Physical and Mechanical Properties - LIVE ONLINE Short Course

About the course

About the course
This live online short course will outline the principles and methods for characterising the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of powders at length scales ranging from molecular level to single particles and to bulk levels. Sample preparation and the state-of-the-art techniques for particle characterisation will also be detailed.

What will I learn?
The outcome of the course should enable the participants to choose how and with what to characterise the powder and suspension properties, and to diagnose particular process and product issues of interest.

Course delivery
The course will run online via MS Teams over five sessions starting on Monday 10th May 2021. Each session will start at 13:00 hrs UK time and all sessions need to be attended with live video to complete the whole course.

The course will be delivered live by our guest academic and industrial speakers with internationally-leading expertise in their own speciality field. Participants learning will be supported and enhanced with short laboratory instrument video demonstrations.

Each day provides the opportunity to discuss technical questions and issues with the speakers during scheduled question and answer sessions. There will also be group interactive activities at the end of day two.

Informal fora
Throughout the course participants can network with the course leaders and other participants via informal fora held at the end of each session. These sessions are optional to attend.

The live online course will also have a designated area for scientific posters, addressing a number of current research activities in powder characterisation. Participants are also invited to upload a poster on related topics if they wish to do so. Any questions regarding the submission of the poster can be sent to W.P.Goh@leeds.ac.uk

Recording of sessions
Individual presentation recordings will only be made available to those who experience connection problems or technical issues during a live session. They will not be distributed to participants after the course.

Who should attend?

Is this course for me?
The course is intended for scientists, engineers and technologists wishing to gain a better understanding of powder characteristics to enable them to address powder handling, processing and manufacturing issues from a fundamental base.

Get the professional development you need to stay ahead with our expert-led short course on Powder Characterisation: chemical, physical and mechanical properties, all the while in the comfort of the location of your own choice.


Day one: Characterisation of Physical Properties of Particles (13:00 – 17:15)

  • Sampling and sample preparation for particle characterisation

  • Particle size analysis

  • Demonstration: Mastersizer and Camsizer

  • Particle shape and structure characterisation

  • Demonstration: XRT and Morphologi G3

Day two: Characterisation of Physical Properties of Particles continued (13:00 – 17:00)

  • Suspension rheology

  • Bulk flow of powders

  • Group interactive activities

Day three: Characterisation of Mechanical Properties of Particles (13:00 – 17:30)

  • Mechanical properties of powders

  • Demonstration: Breakage testing facilities and nanoindentation

  • Bulk characterisation of powders

  • Demonstration: Shear cell and FT4 rheometer

  • Demonstration: GranuDrum, tap density measurement and Ball Indentation Method

Day four: Characterisation of Mechanical Properties of Particles continued (13:00 – 17:50)

  • Electrostatics in powder systems

  • Demonstration: Triboelectric charging rig

  • Adhesion

  • Demonstration: Drop Test Method for Adhesion

  • Tabletting and compaction of powders

Day five: Characterisation of Chemical Properties of Particles (13:00 – 16:30)

  • Determination of powder surface energy and surface chemistry

  • Solubility and dissolution of particles


Course Directors: Professor Mojtaba Ghadiri and Dr Wei Pin Goh
School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds

2021 Speakers:

Dr David Berry, The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)
Dr Rammile Ettelaie, University of Leeds
Professor Mojtaba Ghadiri, University of Leeds
Dr Wei Pin Goh, University of Leeds
Dr Colin Hare, University of Surrey
Professor Norman Harnby, University of Bradford
Dr Jerry Heng, Imperial College
Dr Mehrdad Pasha, UCB Pharma, Belgium
Dr David Scott, Advanced Particle Sensors LLC, USA
Dr Csaba Sinka, University of Leicester
Dr Umair Zafar, Novartis, Switzerland

Fee information

The following course fees include the cost of tuition and paperless course materials:

£800 GBP – Full five sessions (10th - 14th May 2021)*

*all sessions need to be attended with live video to complete the whole course (single day registrations are not available).

Discounted fees apply to postgraduate students. Please email us at cpd@engineering.leeds.ac.uk for details.

Course materials
Copies of PDF presentations and supporting course materials will be made available electronically on MS Teams, downloadable over the course period.

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Venue details

The course will be delivered live online via Microsoft Teams.

Course delivery
The course will run online via MS Teams over five sessions starting on Monday 10th May 2021. Each session will start at 13:00 hrs UK time.

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