Careers and employability

Internship opportunities

Male student working in prototyping lab

During your time at Leeds you will have the opportunity to take part in a number of internship opportunities which will develop your skills and knowledge, and strengthen your CV.

Industry internships

We advertise a number of exclusive industrial summer internships with local and national employers. Usually focussed on a specific project, these opportunities allow you to develop skills acquired through your studies and often lead to further recruitment opportunities.

School of Mechanical Engineering Internship Scheme

We recruit a number of students to work during the summer months on research projects or teaching and learning projects, which are supported with personal development workshops and provide an excellent basis for students then wishing to apply for industrial placements.

The aim of the Mechanical Engineering Internship Scheme is to create a new generation of researchers by providing an opportunity for students to develop independent research skills. The scheme also increases the employability of our graduates - 70% of students who took part have gone onto graduate level employment with employers such as: Accenture, Network Rail, Johnson & Johnson, Marshall Aerospace and Defence, Renishaw, Ricardo, Shell, Solid Solutions and UBS.

Some of our students have been tackling current issues in healthcare, such as rehabilitation for sufferers of strokes and cerebral palsy, access to female incontinence solutions and virtual simulation to detect potential tumours. Find out more about these fantastic internship projects here. You can also view our internship videos to discover more about other projects our students have been involved in.  

You can find out more about our students' internship experiences by visiting their profiles:

  • Matthew Briggs 
  • Jonathan Alderson
  • Adam Metcalf
  • Sophie Hutchinson
  • Kevin Gnanaraj

Employability internships

We recruit 10 student interns each year to support the work of the Employability Team. One team of interns will focus their time on creative development of current communication channels and social media platforms and the second team, as returning industrial placement students, act as mentors to support current student looking to secure work experience opportunities, through sharing their own experiences, tips and advice.

Leeds Internship Programme

We advertise a range of smaller, 8-12 week paid internships in local SMEs, charities, University of Leeds departments and national organisations. Many of these opportunities are exclusive to University of Leeds students.

Toyoda Internship in Japan

Thanks to our established international link with Toyota-Boshoku and alumnus Dr Shoichiro Toyoda, each year three students have the opportunity to complete a fully funded summer internship in Japan. You will work with a project supervisor, using their research and technical engineering skills to address a current industry manufacturing challenge, whilst engaging with Japanese culture and travel opportunities. 

EPSRC Vacation Bursary

Each year we receive funding from the EPSRC to support students to complete a research project over the summer. You will be given practical, first-hand experience of working on and carrying out research in the School. The projects usually last around 10 weeks. Examples of recent projects include:

  • Air Snake - A Novel Bio-inspired UAV for Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Blood Compatible Surfaces
  • Cloud connected modular bio-inspired robotics
  • The Use of 3D Printed Models to Investigate the Mechanical Behavior of Historic Buildings.

Alumni-funded scholarships

We also offer a number of alumni-funded scholarships to support you to develop research skills over two consecutive summers, led by an academic specialist. As well as participating in established academic research, you will develop leadership skills through training, conference attendance and an outdoor trip in the Yorkshire Dales. Recent examples of these projects include:

  • Soft Robotics-Solutions for Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Development of a passive instrumented joystick for home rehabilitation and assessment
  • Nuclear Engineering – High Fidelity Computational Solutions
  • Efficiently Dispersing Imaging Agents in Minimally Invasive Surgery.