Dr Chris Wareing


I am a computational fluid dynamicist, with expertise in hydrodynamic and magneto-hydrodynamic numerical modelling through finite difference and spectral methods. I am currently working on 3D MHD astrophysical simulations of feedback in star-forming molecular clouds with Dr Julian Pittard and Prof. Sam Falle at the University of Leeds, as well as continuing my work in engineering on CO2 pipelines in carbon capture and storage scenarios and now applying this to Cryogenic Machining and Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions. I am also a specialist in parallel computing and modelling non-linear differential equations, teaching post-graduate Introduction to Parallel Programming courses at the University of Leeds. Previously, I have applied my expertise to late-stellar evolution objects, particularly AGB stars, planetary nebulae and neutron stars.

I am also a science communicator, having worked for Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and the Royal Institution in the past. Over the course of the last ten years and more, I have presented astronomy through planetarium shows, small group workshops and talks to over 8000 people of all ages and levels of expertise. I have also organised science events in schools for groups as small as a single class of 30, up to presentations for an entire Key Stage at a secondary school, as well as bringing in several hundred primary school pupils from feeder schools.

I am available to give talks to the general public and/or schools on astronomy, mathematics or physics. I can also present to amateur astronomy groups and research groups on interesting aspects of my research including star formation, AGB stars, planetary nebulae and magnetic fields in neutron stars. Please feel free to contact me.


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