Julia Gala de Pablo

Julia Gala de Pablo


I did my undergraduate degrees at the Complutense University of Madrid in Physics and in Biochemistry. I did my PhD at the University of Leeds and I am currently a Research Assistant at the University of Leeds.

Research interests

I am currently a Research Assistant at the University of Leeds on Raman spectroscopy of Oral Biofilms on chip following a PhD on Raman confocal microspectroscopy and Microfluidics towards a new single-cell analysis system. My main research interests are on single cell biophysics, working in the interface between physics and biochemistry. I am experienced in single cell microscopy, with previous work done in single membrane flickering using ultrafast bright field microscopy and current work in Raman spectroscopy and microscopy of single cells and tissue. I have extensive experience in mammalian cell culture, using multiple adherent and non-adherent human cell lines. During my PhD, I used Raman to classify live single cells from different colorectal cancer stages and to study photodynamic therapy drugs uptake and activation. I also did Raman on microfluidic devices, using Soft lithography Rapid prototyping techniques (SU8 and PDMS) and working in a clean room environment. I am currently growing multispecies Oral Biofilms on chip and characterizing them using Raman spectroscopy.



  • BsC in Physics
  • BsC in Biochemistry