Sinéad Marian D'Silva


My background is in Sociology (BA) and Social and Cultural Geography (MA). My work and interest is broadly related to access to information/knowledge and resources. Since graduating from my BA in 2012 I focused on research related to community engagement and mobilisation. This included projects on health communication, research on child rights, traditional markets, and youth and environmental change. Recent and current work includes curriculum development, Widening Participation, Black and Minority Ethnicity (BME) educational attainment (gaps), and employability in Higher Education.

On a lighter note, I hold a diploma in Digital Animation, and another in Forensic Science.

Research interests

I am primarily interested in the impact of neoliberalism on access (or lack of) to resources and knowledge, how this transforms societies and institutions, and how it is negotiated. The employability agenda in Higher Education is one such site of change. My PhD research relates to education-to-work transitions through the employability agenda in Higher Education Physics (undergraduate) in England with a focus on student negotiation (including decisions, choice-making and accessing information) of their time at university to influence graduate prospects, and the role of socioeconomic and cultural aspects in shaping this process.

My PhD is a collaboration between the School of Physics and Astronomy, and the School of Education. 

Affiliated Research Groups: Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education (CSSME); Physics Education Research Group (PERG).

Related Media: School of Education Research Profile; PERG member profile; Network Member for the Inequalities Research Network (IRN) (member page)

Research groups and institutes

  • Physics Education