Christian Duffin

Christian Duffin

Why did you decide to study for an MSc in Physics?

I have a very keen interest in the theoretical side of physics, and want to pursue this interest to a high academic level. In terms of what future career this will lead to, having an MSc in Physics will ultimately give me access to a broad range of options.

Why did you choose the university of Leeds?

I chose the University of Leeds primarily because of its very high reputation as a physics institution, both in research and in quality of teaching. The range of optional modules that the University of Leeds offer in particular are also impressive, allowing me to specialise towards my theoretically oriented interests.

What are enjoying most about your course?

My favourite elements of the course are definitely the content of the more advanced masters level modules. Modules like Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Many Body Physics are hugely challenging but stimulating, and are taught very well. Apart from this, I’m happy with the amount of freedom that the course offers, mainly because I think that having time for free study is particularly crucial for a course of this nature.

How have you found being taught in the School of Physics and Astronomy?

I’ve definitely been consistently satisfied with the quality of teaching across all of my modules. The lectures have always been coherent and well-articulated, which has been particularly crucial for the more advanced topics. I’ve always felt that the lecturers are enthusiastic about what they’re teaching, and that they’re happy to give students any support that they need.

What are your ambitions for the future?

At this point I’m interested in pursuing a PhD in theoretical/computational physics. Depending on where I’m up to after this, I may continue into post-doctoral research or enter into a relevant industry in research/computer science.

What does Leeds as a city have to offer students?

Leeds is definitely a very high quality city for student night life. The choice of bars and night clubs is diverse in terms of price and style, and the night time environment is always very vibrant. I’d also note that the city seems very much in tune with the modern graphic design/art student culture, and this is strongly reflected in the diverse selection of very unique bars and cafes.

What would you say to students considering this course?

Provided you have a passion for physics, and are willing to challenge yourself to pursue it at a high level, this course will be perfect for you. The range of options, the quality of available resources and the atmosphere of the city/university will more than cater to your needs.

What experiences at Leeds do you think will help you in your future career?

A huge element that this course offers in terms of personal growth is experience. You’ll have the opportunity to work on complex problems, and whether it’s to do with your project, coursework or just trying to understand a lecture, you’ll definitely be challenged to think critically and scientifically. As a result you will develop your cognitive toolkit in various ways.

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