Dr Josephine Dixon-Hardy

Dr Josephine Dixon-Hardy


I am the Director of Medical Technologies Innovation, Director of Operations of the EPSRC Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre, Director of Grow MedTech, Director of Translate and Deputy Director of MeDe Innovation, the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices.

I lead the Medical Technologies Innovation team in supporting the translation of research through to clinical application, in collaboration with clinical and industrial partners.  We support the iMBE Director Ruth Wilcox and a multidisciplinary team of academics, industry and clinicians in addressing strategically-defined healthcare impact challenges for the ageing population.  I have facilitated the translation of science and engineering research across a range of disciplines into application over the past 20 years, focusing on medical technologies innovation for the past 10 years.

I am a qualified Executive and Business Coach and have a keen interest in developing new interventions that support the professional and personal development of researchers and a culture and environment that fosters creativity and innovation.


  • PhD (Nottingham)
  • BSc (Nottingham)

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering