Holding a British and Mauritian dual nationality, Dushyant graduated with a good Masters(Hons) Degree in Biomedical Engineering with Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. Since his graduation (October 2013), Dushyant started his career in medical devices as development engineer in the device development team in Basel. There, he looked into the evaluation, selection, design, development, characterization, interaction and industrialization of medical devices for delivery of combination products. Prior to this appointment, Dushyant has significant international experience working as a Biomedical Engineer in Mauritius and India as well as experience as a mechanical engineer during his pre-university year in a world class water & power consultancy.

In 2016, Dushyant started a Medical Research Council (MRC) industrial funded PhD at the University of Leeds in collaboration with Pelican Healthcare Feminine LTD to engineer safety around Vacuum Assisted Delivery (VAD) devices. Dushyant developed an experimental simulation of VAD; using instrumentation to assess the mechanics of VAD cup detachment through his MRC case studentship. His research features a novel foetal head scalp model with design inputs chosen to reflect the real clinical situation. Results to date have demonstrated that cup detachment can be recreated and successfully characterized during a dynamic loading simulation of overtraction. This knowledge brings the opportunity of translate the learnt outcomes toward the realisation of a commercial VAD device which can reduce over-traction and thereby the associated trauma and escalation of obstetric care.

Research interests

Dushyant considers himself as an all rounded individual with keen interests in international affairs, engineering design, the healthcare and pharmaceutical market.


  • MEng Biomedical Engineering (Imperial College London)