Ayesha Bint-E-Siddiq


I graduated with an honours degree in Master of Medical Engineering from Queen Mary University of London in 2011. Like many other parents, mine were hoping for me to study medicine but I was always inclined towards the engineering side of things, and hence, a compromise was found in medical Engineering with both the aspects of medicine and engineering involved. The interdisciplinary nature of the course has always inspired me and that is what has brought me to iMBE (institute of Medical and Biological Engineering).

Research interests

My current project is to characterize the mechanical properties of spinal ligaments and develop a method of modelling ligaments computationally. I am working with ovine tissue, dissecting sheep spine, extracting ligaments, testing them experimentally in the laboratory to work out their mechanical properties. The computational models will be built to represent and validate these properties. The work will mark a step-change from the current state-of-the-art, where ligaments properties are derived from widely varying data in literature. The data produced will feed into future spinal modelling at the institute.


  • MEng (Hons)

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering