Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith


I completed a four-year integrated Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds.

After completing final year modules in both tribology and biomedical areas I progressed into a PhD research position in the area of Bio-tribocorrosion.

Research interests

When one thinks of the biomedical engineering area the tendency is to focus on joint replacements as this is a long-standing and widely recognised at area of development, having seen some fantastic advancements in recent decades. However my research is quite different and ultimately very fundamental, due to the subject being novel and relatively untouched. This is the study of metallic corrosion in the biologically aggresive environment of blood vessels, namely metallic stents which are used to treat patients with heart conditions such as atheroclerosis (build up of fatty tissues within the blood vessel). Although often crucial to treating a patient these devices are far from perfect, and with multiple devices often being used in overlapping configurations the threat of corrosive effects and the bodies reaction as a consequence leads many of these devices to fail in their function.

Through the study of device specific metals and their corrosive reactions, particularly with the addition of fretting mechanisms, I hope to shed some light on the subject of why these devices fail and thus allow further research to approach and eventually progress towards some solution.


  • MEng Mechanical Engineering

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Functional Surfaces