Aditya Dhavale

I considered many universities for my Masters degree, but the well-structured approach of the Leeds course and the content of the modules definitely made the University stand out.

The way the course was taught meant that it never seemed like hard work and my course mates and I enjoyed the teaching approach so much that we felt it was more like fun than studying. The work stations and facilities in the School of Mechanical Engineering were conducive to carrying out our research and the beautiful architecture of the university campus buildings made it a very pleasant working environment.

My Masters project dealt with brakes and it was the foundation for the work I am currently doing for my employer, Tata Motors. I work in the vehicle integration and chassis design group and my core areas include braking systems and technologies and Occupant Packaging which includes ergonomics, visibility studies and hand reach zones.

My experience at Leeds was unforgettable; everything from the content of the course to the help of my tutors to the experience of meeting international students has helped me get where I am today in my career and I think it's the best one year I've spent so far.