Petra Staynova

Petra Staynova


Selected Preprints and Papers:

Selected Mathematical Conferences and Seminars


  • 2016, “19th Galway Topology Colloquium”, University of Leicester, August 1st  – principal organiser, obtained LMS Scheme 8 grant

Invited semi-plenary:

  • 2019, 34th Summer Conference on Topology and Applications, University of the Witwaterstrand, in Johannesburg, SA, 1--4 July

With talks given:

  • 2018, “The Ellis Semigroup of Certain Constant Length Substitution Systems,” – Galway Topology Colloquium, University of Birmingham, July 23-25
  • 2018, “Ellis Semigroup of Constant Length Substitution Dynamical Systems,” – Invited talk for the Algebraic Topology Session at the 52nd Spring Topology Conference in Auburn, AL, USA, March 14-17
  • 2018, “Teaching Bachelor’s and Master’s SpLD Students in Mathematics,” – talk at the Teaching Workshop, 52nd Spring Topology Conference in Auburn, AL, USA, March 14-17
  • 2017, “Around the Furstenberg Topology” – Workshop on Topology in Dynamics, April 3-7, University of Leicester
  • 2016, “The Enveloping Semigroup” – 19th Galway Topology Colloquium, University of Leicester
  • 2014, International Conference on Topology and its Applications, Nafpaktos, Greece, talk: ‘On the Regular and Normal Number of Topological Spaces and Cardinal Invariants’ (fully funded) 
  • 2011, Birmingham Oxford Analytic Topology Seminar, Oxford, UK; talk:  ‘Some Open Questions Concerning Lindelof-type Covering Properties’ (fully funded)

Research interests

I am interested in both symbolic dynamics and set-theoretic topology. In symbolic dynamics, I am interested in substitution systems and their Ellis semigroup, as well as various problems related to the existence of factor maps between different substitution systems and their maximal equicontinuous factor. In set-theoretic topology, I am interested in many things, in particular questions concerning covering properties, separation axioms, and how the two influence each other. I am also interested in research in neighbouring fields, such as Ramsey theory.


  • PhD, University of Leicester (EPSRC-funded)
  • Master by Research in Mathematics, Durham University
  • Master in Mathematics and Philosophy, Oxford University

Professional memberships

  • LMS
  • Société mathématique de France
  • Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians

Student education

I lead tutorials for various modules, predominantly in the 'pure' spectrum of the curriculum. However, I teach both modules for 'straight maths' and 'joint degree' courses.

Research groups and institutes

  • Algebra, Logic and Algorithms
  • Logic
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Logic
  • Postgraduate Pure
  • Proofs, Constructions and Computations
  • Pure Mathematics Colloquium
  • Seminars, Pure Mathematics