Dr Peter Thwaites

Dr Peter Thwaites


My research is in the area of Bayesian Statistics, and is particularly focussed on probabilistic graphical models which can be used for the representation and analysis of problems which admit a high degree of asymmetry.

Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence


Research interests

My research is at the intersection of probabilistic reasoning, decision theory and artificial intelligence, and I am particularly interested in probabilistic graphical models, as used by researchers in these fields. In 2006 Jim Smith & I introduced the Chain Event Graph (CEG), which is a tree-like (event-based) graphical model, used for the representation and analysis of discrete asymmetric problems. Between July 2015 and June 2017 my research was mainly associated with the EPSRC project Modelling Decision and Preference problems using Chain Event Graphs (EP/M018687/1), for which I was the PI.

Research groups and institutes

  • Statistics

Current postgraduate researchers

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