Dr Priya Subramanian

Dr Priya Subramanian


My interests lie in understanding mechanisms that govern spatio-temporal patterns and emergent behaviours in systems such as thermacoustic systems, transistional (convective/shear) flows of fluids and motion of active organelle filaments. Currently at Leeds, I am looking at formation of quasipatterns; patterns that possess discrete spectra despite having no translational symmetries.

Research interests

The underlying theme of my research interests lies in understanding spatio-temporal patterns and emergent behaviour in a variety of systems. During my PhD, I focussed on the analysis of laminar premixed flame-acoustic interaction particularly on the non-normal nature of this interaction and in the application of tools from dynamical systems' theory to analyze the resulting oscillations. Building upon this, I continue my work in this area with emphasis on modelling combustion dynamics using distributed delay differential equations and washout-aided feedback control to change the nature of bifurcation in thermoacoustic systems. As part of my post-doctoral work, I have been investigating spatio-temporal patterns in transistional flows and inclined layer convection. Currently I am working on emergent behavior in active fluids such as the motion of organelle filaments on motility assays and in the formation of quasipatterns - patterns that possess discrete spectra despite lacking any translational symmetries.

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Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Nonlinear Dynamics