Erily Moulopoulou


  • MSc in Operational Research with Risk, University of Edinburgh 
  • BSc in Mathematics, University of Patras Greece

Research interests

The increased sea level with the increased strength of the storm events can lead to enhanced beach erosion. Beach erosion threatens coastal properties and infrastructure such as roads, homes and businesses. It can therefore affect property, transportation from one place to another, as well as decrease revenue occurring from tourism in coastal areas. Current solutions for beaches with high erosion rates, involve beach re-nourishment or recycling and building of holding structures such as seawalls. Unfortunately these are not long-term solutions. 

Gravel beaches are a natural form of sea defence as they can absorb up to 70% of the waves' energy. Therefore there lies the need to gain further insights on the erosion timescales as well as on how to protect coastal communities from the changes in the beach morphology. These insights could then implemented in new policies for coastal protection.

The vertical Hele-Shaw cell was introduced as an ideal set-up to represent a thin slice of beach and therefore investigate the interaction between the water and the beach. The Hele-Shaw cell consists of two parallel glass plates in close proximity of length. The small width of the gap between the glass plates, which is about 2mm for my set-up, result in quasi-two-dimensional dynamics which significantly decrease the computational efforts. The turbulence has been gretly reduced so the attention can mostly lie on the interaction between the waves and the beach. Waves are generated  from a set of underwater aquarium pump, operated by a motor controller and programmed by a laptop. The water is dispatched from the pumps and then enters and exits the cell via a hose attached to the left of the set-up. Because of the convenient experimental design, decent experimental data can be acquired for the validation of the mathematical models, by employing image processing techniques.

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Research groups and institutes

  • Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics