Mathew Hall

Mathew Hall


During my undergraduate studies at the University of Leeds I devloped an interest in Numerical Methods. My final year project was titled 'Numerical Methods for Integral equations', focussing mainly on Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind. I was awarded two prizes upon graduating; one for my final year project and one for my final year exam results.

I was offered a PhD opportunity to continue working in numerical methods, this time in solving the spatio-temporal PDEs that are present within opthalmic literature, specifically equations that model the height of a human tear-film.

Research interests

Numerical Methods. Implementation and Optimisation of Chebyshev Differentiation Matrices to achieve spectral accuracy in numerical differentiation.

Thin-film fluid dynamics. The formulation of governing equations in ophthalmic theory; PDEs describing the evolution of the height of a human tear-film.