Joe Driscoll


I am a member of the geometry group, currently studying for my PhD. Previously I studied at Univeristy College London, where I graduated with an MSci in Mathematics. In my undergraduate studies I focused on the areas of Analysis, Geometry and Topology. This culminated with a  Maters research project in the area of differential Topology, specifically Morse Homology.

I particularly enjoy teaching Mathematics- I spent a year here in Leeds as the Education Outreach Fellow for Mathematics. This involved creating and delivering innovative sessions for schools in the local area. I have also given talks on my research to sixth form students.

Research interests

My primary interest is in Riemannian Geometry, specifically manifolds with special holonomy. Other research interests include Differential Topology and the interaction between Geometry and Physics.

Currently I study Gauge Theory on manifolds in higher dimensions, specifically G2 and Nearly Kähler manifolds. I am currently looking at moudli spaces of soltuions to the so called G2 instanton equations on non-compact manifolds. This is motivated by several well known examples. The anayltic framework for this relies on knowledge of the asymptotic geometry of the manifold, which is that of a nearly Kähler 6 -manifold.


  • MSci Mathematics