Luke Turner studied BSc Mathematics and Management at the University of Leeds

Luke Turner

Why did you choose to study mathematics and management? 

Maths is just a subject that I've really enjoyed and thrived in throughout school and college.

I didn't always know I wanted to study a course containing mathematics at university, but since attending Open Days it was one of the few subjects that actually really excited me.

What attracted you to the University of Leeds?

When I first attended an Open Day, I absolutely loved the University of Leeds campus. I always see it as a mini city of students - containing bars, shops, café’s hairdressers and other local amenities and then it's just a short walk down the road to the actual city centre.

I love how close together everything is here. 

The School of Mathematics really impressed me. I got the vibe that is was a really personable and social place to be, and I have definitely learnt that lecturers and staff are always keen to help you if you have any issues. 

Did you find the Open Day helpful in making your decision?

Definitely. It was the first chance I got to really get a sense of university life and whether or not I could imagine myself living here.

It was also very helpful speaking to students and staff to get a real insight into the course and as well as get a feel for Leeds as a city.

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

Being a joint honours student, I really love how varied and diverse my course is.

I have a huge selection of mathematical modules that I can choose to study, ranging from financial mathematics to statistics. And then I also get a great choice of management modules that I can choose to study, such as marketing and economics.

So I really like the choice that is available and the opportunity to study a variety of modules.

I have also had the opportunity to get involved further with the School of Mathematics outside of my studies. I've been a course representative and student ambassador, which has been a really enjoyable thing to do and a great chance to give student feedback and enhance my CV.

Staff are really eager to gain feedback and improve the academic and pastoral support for students. 

How would you describe student life at the University of Leeds?

I truly love being a student at the University of Leeds. I would describe my student life as busy but a lot of fun!

I'm a member of a variety of societies, so I feel I get a nice mixture within my day between lectures and studying and then being involved in extra curricular activities in the evening. That mixed in with a few deadlines, trying not to burn my food and nights out with my friends makes a pretty immense student life!

Which clubs and societies are you involved in?

I have been a member of Dance Exposé since first year and it has been a huge factor in making my time at Leeds so unforgettable. We have put on our own sell out shows in the University Union, competed (and won) in competitions, been on a trip to Spain and even performed on the X-Factor.

I have made some of my best friends here and I highly recommend joining a society – it opens up so many opportunities! 

I have also been a member of LUU Gymnastics and even set up my own society this year – The Rubik’s Cube and Puzzle Society (so if you’re a cubing fanatic or always wanted to solve the Cube, definitely join!). 

What is Leeds as a city like?

Leeds is a really fun and vibrant city. A great thing is that everything in Leeds is so close together.

The University of Leeds, Hyde Park and Headingley are great student hubs. There’s loads of cheap bars, cafés, shops, which all offer student discount, and are really pleasant places to be.

The city centre has a great shopping centre, museums, theatres, classy bars and lots of nice restaurants offering different cuisine. There are a huge variety of things you can do and you won’t have to travel far to do it.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying to the School of Mathematics?

I'd definitely advise people to come on one of the Open Days. It’s a great chance to get a feel for the campus and whether you can imagine yourself living here for 3 years.

I would definitely say bring some questions prepared and talk to the students. The students will give you all the real honest advice about what it’s actually like, so take advantage of them as much as possible.

What are your plans for the future?

Next year I am going on my study abroad year, which I am absolutely thrilled about.

I am going to the University of New Mexico, which is in Albuquerque, USA. I'm very much looking forward to this and hoping to travel quite a lot while I’m out there. 

For my future careers plans, I think I want to go into something finance related, as that has been a part of my degree I have thoroughly enjoyed.