Lauren Davies

Lauren Davies

What is the name of the company you work for and what do they do?

Marsh is an Energy Insurance Brokers. Their role is to act as an intermediary between Clients and Insurers. My team specifies in Onshore Energy Construction which consists of projects such as Petrochemical Plants, Oil Refineries and Gas to Liquid projects.

What is your role within the company?

I assist with both the administrative and market facing (broking) roles within the team. 

Can you please give me an insight into a typical day?

Typically, my daily tasks consist of ensuring that any changes the client wishes to make to their insurance policy is endorsed appropriately, and agreed by insurers. I will be involved in the creation of the endorsement and then either physically take the document to the market to be signed and agreed, or send it to our international markets electronically. Once I have obtained all market agreements to the requested endorsement, I ensure the document is processed and filed correctly.

What do you enjoy the most and do you get involved in any interesting projects?

I personally enjoy going out to the market the most, communicating with insurers face-to-face and building business relationships is an amazing experience. The atmosphere in Lloyd’s of London is always so exciting and you always get a feel for the vast amounts of business passing through the city of London every day.

I’m very lucky that I get the opportunity to be involved in lots of projects that cross my team’s desk. I would say that, as every project we see is different, they’re all interesting and present opportunities to learn new things every day.

Why did you want to undertake a year in industry?

I knew I wanted to go into some sort of Financial Services industry once I completed my degree; Consultancy, Finance, Insurance etc. In these industries in particular, experience is extremely valuable, even more than grades in some cases. Therefore, I knew that in gaining as much as experience as possible, I would be in a stronger position going into the graduate scheme application process for these industries.

What do you think you have got out of this experience so far? 

I have gained so much experience and improved so many of my existing skills, particularly my social and communication skills. By speaking to insurers either in person or on the telephone on a daily basis, it has greatly improved my confidence in speaking to people. Furthermore, my writing skills have improved due to having to compose eloquent emails to insurers on a daily basis, skills that I felt I had a lack of due to being a mathematics student.

Some of the other skills I’m very grateful for are the Microsoft Office skills I have gained, such as on Word and Excel. 
Further to this, I have gained masses of experience in having to commit to a “9 to 5” job and commuting into London from Kent every day. The reality of getting up very early, getting home late and working hard all day has improved my work ethic, and I’m looking forward to applying this to my university work once I return for my final year.

Do you have any tips and advice for current students thinking of undertaking a year in industry?

Definitely do it. Apply everywhere and anywhere you can. Any experience you can get will assist you in the future. When it comes to the lengthy application process, it is tough, but practicing psychometric tests will help you massively. Getting through to as many phone interviews and assessment centres as you can will help you even more when you have to do the same thing for graduate schemes.

Apply early. Industrial placements are granted to students on a “first come, first served” basis, therefore places will go as the months go on, making it harder for you to gain a place. Applications tend to open in September, so try to start applying while your university modules aren’t too demanding as the Year in Industry application process is almost like a module in itself!