Erin in the School library

Erin Figov

Tell us a bit about what you're studying

There are lots of modules, in different sections of maths like statistics, finance, pure, mechanics etc. You do need pre-requisites for some of them but most of the time that would just be one of the compulsory modules from the year before. The Mathematics Undergraduate page also has a chart that shows you which modules you should take if you have a certain 2 or 3 year module in mind, it helps you plan your degree if you know what you want to do.

"There’s a joke that I heard when I was younger that goes something like this: "A logician has just had a newborn child. His friends ask impatiently, 'Is it a boy or a girl?' The logician replies 'Yes.'” It always made me want to understand the subject of mathematical logic more, so I was set on choosing it when I saw it offered as a second-year module!" I also chose The Mathematics of Music as I like music theory and composition so I thought it would be interesting; and it’s an essay based module so I thought it was a nice contrast to doing exercises as coursework. In first year I chose the computational module as I am really interested in programming.

What’s your favourite module?

My favourite module was definitely Groups and Vector Spaces, mainly the Groups part of the module. I can’t really describe why but I just loved the topic, its pure maths which is my favourite type of maths, and I also thought the lecturer John Truss made the course really simple to understand.

I’m also taking some discovery modules (Introduction to Digital Photography and Introduction to Web Technologies, i.e. HTML, CSS and Java coding) which allows me to explore my creative side sometimes.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoy the topics we do and the coursework that we get given, and although it’s difficult, it is a great feeling when you finally figure out the solution to a question or a proof. Also I love how every module links into each other.

Why did you choose to study Mathematics at Leeds?

Yes, so many things made me choose Leeds! Firstly, who doesn’t love seeing bunting outside the union every morning, it really makes the campus feel cheery. I also love that Leeds is a campus uni with student housing nearby, but it’s right next to town as well. It makes everything convenient and it’s so easy to get around, plus the city centre has every shop you could ever need. Another important factor was that Leeds offer you a year abroad OR a year in industry, so I could make a decision later on in my course, and you can change between the MMath and BSc degree so easily.

Have you had the opportunity to study abroad?

Yes everyone doing Mathematics has the opportunity to study abroad. Next year I am hopefully going to Singapore, and I am so excited (although partly sad to be leaving Leeds for the year!) It’s been so easy to apply and I got my first choice university which was a great feeling.

How do you feel about the School of Mathematics?

Leeds has one of the biggest Maths department in the UK and it’s very well organised, I know a lot of people who feel they maybe don’t get enough from the uni out of their degree but I definitely don’t think that’s the case with Mathematics, there is always help available, plenty of contact hours and various facilities like computer clusters to aid learning.

What do you most enjoy about student life at Leeds, in general?

I love the city centre. There’s always something going on, day and night, always new restaurants opening and you can pretty much find any shop you can think of. Everything is so convenient in Leeds as you can walk everywhere or get public transport, it makes it very easy to be independent as a student. The train station is also fantastic, you can travel to all kinds of places direct from Leeds. Lastly I just love the friends I’ve made as it wouldn’t be the same experience without them!