Alice Dessain
MMath, BSc Mathematics

Alice Dessain

Why did you choose that particular course?

 At school I really enjoyed Maths and Physics and it was a toss up between which one, but when I looked at it I enjoyed doing my Maths homework much more and I liked doing Maths questions and applying what I had learned.

What do you like about the course?

I like the range that exists and the way that you can pick electives. So if I wanted to pick up a Physics module I could do that. I like the way they have the support system as well and the way they have the homework which keeps you up to date with what you’ve learnt so far and keeps you on track. The tutorial system is also really good.

Have you used the peer mentoring schemes?

Yes, I found it really helpful. I have a fourth year student helping me.

What skills do you think you’ll learn from this course which will be helpful in the future?

I have learnt to work with other people, whereas at school I would just have done it on my own. I think working together really helps, because the homework is hard and, for example, in the tutorial groups I’ve made good friends and we work together and give each other tips.

Have you thought about a career? Where do you think this might take you?

Basically I don’t know what I want to do but I think I want to go to London and work. I’m trying to look at what maths things I like at the moment and see if I can get a job around what I like doing, maybe I’ll try and find a placement for next Summer.

Moving on to the University, why did you pick Leeds?

I looked at the course and I loved the support system they had which I thought would keep me on track. I love the city and the University is so close to the centre, it just feels so vibrant and alive the whole time. 

What do you think of the academic facilities and support services?

The support is just brilliant. I am a member of The Edge and I use the swimming pool three times a week. Basically the whole campus has got everything you need in it.

What do you like best about your School? Is there something specific that you’ll think about when you look back?

In Freshers week there were the socials where we got to meet people and I’ve kept in touch with people from that. I always get e-mails about talks you can go to, involving anything really. There are a huge range of things that you can just go and attend; sit through talks, watch videos that are going on in lecture theatres, so you’re not just applying for the course you’re applying for a range of things that people are throwing at you and around your subject as well.

So outside of your course, what do you do? You said you like going to The Edge, what else do you like doing in Leeds?

I swim a lot. I’ve joined the Scuba Diving and the Slow Ride society and last weekend I went to a quarry and finished off my sports diver qualification and that’s been fun. There’s hundreds and hundreds of societies you can join, so it’s not like you’re restricted in any way. 

Where did you go to Scuba Dive?

In September I thought I would like to learn to scuba dive so I joined the society and we did some pool sessions and then we went to this quarry that was filled with water and you just do some skills down there, in the Lake District. Now I’ve got my qualification and I can go diving wherever I want. And it’s subsidised by the union so it’s not expensive.

What would you say to other students thinking of applying to your course at Leeds University?

Make sure you are passionate about Maths, because it is hard, it’s very hard and if you don’t really enjoy Maths to begin with then I don’t think you are going to enjoy the course. But if you do enjoy it, it’s a great course to do.