Dr Chris Trayner

Dr Chris Trayner


Graduated with BA in Computer and Communication Engineering from Essex University in 1974. Worked in commercial programming in London until 1984. Five short-term research contracts at Essex University until 1993. Since then, Teaching Fellow (now Senior Teaching Fellow) at Leeds University. PhD in Electronics from Leeds University in 2000.


  • Programme Manager, MSc in Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  • MSc Tutor

Professional memberships

  • MIET
  • MBCS
  • FRAS

Student education

I teach lecture and lab courses in all years from first-year undergraduate to MSc. Some of this is at South-West Jiaotong University in Chengdu, China, as part of our joint degree scheme with them. I supervise final-year undergraduate and MSc student projects. I am developing improved methods of assessment which reduce the workload for students in producing the assignments and for staff in marking them.