Ali Hayajneh


Ali Hayajneh was born in Irbid, Jordan. He received the B.Sc degree and M.Sc from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Irbid, Jordan, in 2010 and 2014, respectively. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree in the Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) school in the University of Leeds (West YS, UK).

Ali is working as Android Development freelancer, integrating, utilizing the IoT promising technologies for the managment of smart home and cities. His experience in many programming languages gives him the motivation to diverse his interests in utilizing many platforms and technology engines.

Research interests

His current research interests include: Public safety communication networks, stochastic geometry Device to device (D2D) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, modelling of heterogeneous networks, cognitive radio networks, cooperative relay networks.


  • PhD - Pursuing towards.
  • MSc - Wireless Communications
  • BSc - Communications and Electronics

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Sensing