Naim Mohammed

Naim Mohammed

What was the name of the company you worked for and what do they do?

The company I worked for was Jaguar Land Rover. They are based around two brands, Land Rover who design and manufacture the world’s leading premium all wheel drive vehicles, and Jaguar, who design & manufacture some of the world’s premier luxury saloons & sports cars.

What was your role within the company?

I was a member of the Driver Information Team within the Electrical department. My primary role within the company was to calibrate and test the fuel level indication system across all the vehicle lines JLR produced. In addition to this I also built some tooling that allowed other engineers to be able to quickly calibrate the fuel level indication system, even if they were not that familiar with the process.

A typical day on placement

A typical day at work would usually involve solving any problems I was presented with. This meant no two days were alike during my time at JLR. Three examples of a typical day involved troubleshooting a specific vehicle, verifying a calibration was correct and visiting suppliers to assist them with implementing our requirements.

What did you enjoy the most and did you get involved in any interesting projects? 

I particularly enjoyed seeing the public response to the vehicles that I helped design. An example of this is the recently revealed Jaguar XE, it was great to see positive feedback for something that I worked on. I also highly enjoyed the environment I worked in, everyone was very friendly and helpful and I was made to feel part of the team.

Why did you want to undertake a year in industry?

I wanted to undertake a year in industry as I felt it would be highly beneficial for my personal development. I was keen to see what it was like out in the field and working for a company, and I knew that going on placement would be likely to improve my future job prospects. I also had an interest in the automotive sector so doing a placement at a company like JLR appealed to me.

What did you hope to get out of this experience? 

I hoped to get an actual feel for what working for a big company would be like, as I had never worked for a large company prior to this. I also hoped that it would help me to decide where I might like to work in the future. I can safely say that I got what I hoped for from this experience, additionally, I also feel like I have gained some good contacts, which is something I didn't foresee.

Do you have any tips and advice to current students thinking of undertaking a year in industry?

Yes, I would highly recommend it, it is an invaluable experience and can give you a head start on the graduates who have not been on placement when it comes to applying for graduate schemes.

Also, I would say it is worth applying no matter how competitive the job appears to be, and not to let a high number of applicants or high requirements put you off. A natural interest in the company/area that students are applying for can go a very long way with helping prospective placement students being offered a placement and in my personal opinion is much more important than past experience or high grades (not that they are totally unhelpful!)