Godfrey Gladson

Godfrey Gladson

Why I chose to study Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems at Leeds

I decided to study this course so as to advance my knowledge and skills, and develop my career as an academic in the area of electrical engineering and renewable energy systems. I chose Leeds because I was really attracted to how the course is structured. It integrates electrical engineering, control engineering and more broadly, energy sustainability issues into renewable energy systems.

The availability of modern lab equipment and strong research groups in ‘renewable energy systems’ and ‘power electronics and drives’ enabled me to obtain what I would describe as the best quality of teaching. This was all accompanied by strong laboratory experiments and practicals.

Settling into university life in the UK

It was really easy to settle into life in Leeds, mainly due to the support offered by the university. On my arrival at Leeds and Bradford airport, I was surprised to find a welcome team of students who gave me information and directions and made sure I was heading in the right direction! All the services, including registration, accommodation, the campus tour, the city of Leeds tour, coffee and refreshment were all free for the first two weeks I was here! It really made me feel relaxed and welcomed.

Studying at the University of Leeds

Studying here has really increased my confidence and it has been fantastic having the opportunity to work and use modern practical equipment in the field of electrical engineering and renewable energy.

My ambitions for the future

Though I would love to stay in the UK, I am committed to sharing the knowledge and skills I have obtained during my studies, with young engineering students in my home country, Tanzania.

My advice to prospective students

For anyone who is considering coming to the UK for studies, be rest assured that you are making a wisest decision of your life, you will never regret it! There is so much to learn here, and although I am leaving, I'm still considering the UK as the best place to come for my PhD studies.