Tommy Yip

Tommy Yip

Why did you decide to study Mechatronics & Robotics?

I have always been particularly interested in robots. Initially, I was going to choose mechanical engineering which I thought would includes robots, however after researching different courses, I came across the Mechatronics and Robotics course which specialises more on robots -I am enjoying this course very much so far.

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

The University of Leeds provides more practical work than theoretical work compared to the other Universities that I looked at.

How did you find settling into university life?

Apart from all the work which I assume is a shock to most first year students, I found it quite easy and comfortable to settle into university life.

What has been the best aspect of the course and why?

The practical sessions have been the best aspect of the course so far, because I’ve learned so much from them; I find it far more easy to understand the concept of the module through a practical session than by reading books and taking lecture notes. 

Can you tell us about some of the projects you have completed so far?

In the first year, I was in a team with four other students and we designed and made a small buggy which we had to race with other teams. I’ve also designed a TV bracket using my knowledge of manufacturing processes. 

In the second year, I had to disassembled a door lock and redesign it to optimise the assembling process. I was also in a group where we had to program a robotic arm and a traxter through wireless control. The robotic arm had to move when the human arm moved, the robotic hand had to mimic the movement of the human hand, so that the robotic arm could pick up and drop objects to and from different places. In addition, I was also in a team that had to design and manufacture a small version of a waterwheel that could generate electricity.

Can you tell us about any placements you've completed?

I did a placement with Arup. My role involved VBS programming to show the performance and analysis of each project. I think this was a great experience for me, it gave me a taste of the working environment in a global company. It also helped me to understand the importance of team-work and how a global company functions day-to-day.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I'd like to continue in the field of robotics, possibly becoming an academic, or researcher. Or maybe working in the commercial world. 

What experiences at Leeds do you think will particularly help you with your future career?

The course has given me a lot of information and knowledge in the field of Robotics. This knowledge helps me to development, expand and come up with innovative ideas or designs in terms of robots.

What other activities outside your studies are you involved in?

Rowing is one of the sports that I am involved in and I take part regularly in rowing events. 

Finally, what would you say to students thinking about coming to do the same course?

The University of Leeds provides a path which will lead you to a bright and successful future in robotics!