Jordan phillip chesham

Jordan Phillip Chesham

Why did you decide to study at the University of Leeds?

To be able to follow my career path I knew I needed to go to University, it was a stepping stone I was always looking forward to. Being sure to do a lot of research on the University's I knew were available for the course, the University of Leeds was always an initial top choice for me. It is important in such a field like engineering that the research and the technological development is always up to date for the academia. Following the open days and the day of the interview, I was able to see that the University of Leeds would be able to provide everything that would be needed to keep myself and fellow students up to date for when we leave our studies and be able to go in to a career full of the knowledge. 

What has been the best aspect of studying on your course and at the University and why?

Given the opportunity to study a course such as Electronics & Computer Engineering, it has been possible for me to get the feel for both Electronics and Computing aspects in the first year. Learning such things makes it possible for me to be able to implement the two subjects together in the current projects that are occurring now and the ones that will be upcoming in the years to come. Every member of staff I have encountered has been supportive and helpful if it ever feels that a bit of guidance is needed. It is easy to say that in the course the labs that take place in the modules are very intriguing, from anyone who is a newcomer or someone who has been in the fields for a while, there will be something new and exciting for everyone to get involved with.

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you have completed so far?

During the short time at the University of Leeds, I do feel a sense of achievement already from all the work that has been set and completed. This can vary from as little as an exercise that has been set from a module leader to one of the more bigger projects that come at end of the year such as the current group project where we are to build a remotely controlled buggy, and the solo project of implementing the Game of Life to a microcontroller. These are all done after many weeks of work in labs, learning the material that is needed for these projects where it is you then have to work on your initiative.

What does Leeds as a city have to offer students?

Having always lived near Leeds it has always been possible for me to visit whenever I want to enjoy all that it has to offer. If you're someone who is in to their nightlife, there is always a different event going on every night at somewhere new. Through the day there are a copious amounts of activities to do in the centre or just a short trip away. With it being quite a small compact city center, everything tends to just be a small walk from the next thing. Meaning you can make days out that much more productive. The University of Leeds also provides many different types of societies that will also show and help you experience all that there is to offer, making your time in Leeds that much more memorable.

What are your ambitions for the future?

At the moment, I currently have ambitions to stay at the University of Leeds to carry on with a Postgraduate degree and pursue the idea of working in research. The fact that there is still a lot of time left until that decision is to be made, things may change and with this degree leaving such a large field open for employment. The possibility of being able to go in to either the computing or electronics field of work and also the idea that technology is continuously changing every year means that there will always be a career available for such a degree obtained from a high end University where all of the things taught will cross the path of your work choice. 

What Experiences at Leeds do you think will help you in your future career?

Most of the experiences that will come of the course at Leeds will no doubt relapse back in to my career in one way or another, whether that is from something that was simply taught in a lecture, presented in a lab or even just a social activity that took place during my time here. The lectures are very in depth of the subjects that are taught there, meaning that providing I do follow my career path in to engineering, this theory will be needed. The title as an engineer though is not always just about theory, without application it remains a theory and this is something that Leeds provides. Lab sessions are timetabled but if it is needed, it is possible for you to go in your own extra time if there is something you would like to try or if it's simply the fact you would like practice, the staff are always happy to help regardless of the matter. In regards to the social activities that are available, the societies are always hosting something new that can prep you for something that can be of help, perhaps to help you feel more comfortable with your work place with colleagues.

What would you say to students coming to do the same course?

I would highly recommend it to all who asks, I've personally now already have the experience that I will remember for my lifetime and I have yet at this moment to even finish my first year here in Leeds. The fact that it is possible to learn two of the biggest fields in technology at the same time is an opportunity that many would only imagine, being able to code the circuit you just built, being completely independent for a project where it includes both hardware and software. The sense of pride and achievement earned, when you can see the project used for the given application is incomparable. If the exact course of Electronics & Computer Engineering isn't exactly what you had in mind where you learn parts of both Electronics and the Computing side, then there are other courses that are very similar that will hopefully intrigue you. Music, Mechatronics, Communications and still more choices above them, all involved with the school of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and any of the courses in this school is what I would recommend here in Leeds. If the field of engineering is what you would like to see yourself being able to do for your next step, then I say take it here, at the University of Leeds.