James Yorke

James Yorke

Why did you choose to study Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Leeds?

I always considered myself strong at Science and Maths based subjects, and I wanted something technical. So it was quite a natural progression for me to an engineering based course. I specifically chose Electronic Engineering because it more focused on the technological side of engineering and I also wanted the choice to utilise my passion for music and combine that with engineering.

Choosing Leeds was easy. It was a combination of both its strong academic standing, especially for Electronic Engineering, and the wide variety of social opportunities throughout the city. What sealed the deal for me was looking around the campus on one of the open days and seeing a billboard with a whole list of nights and artists that were playing in the near future, that was where I really made my decision that Leeds was my first choice.

Where did you study abroad?

I spent a year in Sydney, Australia as part of my course, studying at the University of New South Wales. I lived in Coogee, which is a 5 minute walk to the beach and a 20 minute bus ride into Sydney city centre.

Studying in Australia allowed me to grow a lot as a person, especially in confidence and meeting people. I gained a lot in terms of my studies too, I was able to look at my degree from a different perspective and build up knowledge of other areas not covered at Leeds. This effectively means I will graduate with a unique degree giving me the edge when compared to my peers. I also now have good friends not only across the UK and Australia, but throughout the world.

Any advice to students considering studying abroad?

There is not one reason I could give to not do it. You get to meet people from across the world and travel a great deal. You are able to study outside your usual frame of reference all whilst experiencing new cultures and traditions. In my case, you get to live in a world-class holiday destination 5 minutes from the beach. On top of all this, because you chose to do study abroad you will have the edge when looking at prospective employers, increasing your career potential.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I am still unsure whether I will move back to Sydney immediately after I graduate. At the moment I am thinking of living in London for a few years then maybe going back to Australia or potentially America. In the more immediate future I would like to start my own company or get onto a graduate scheme and pursue an engineering or technology-based career. My end goal is to earn a good wage, have a fulfilling career and hopefully one day, become my own boss.

I have made many friends during my time at Leeds whom I am confident will help me throughout my future career. Combined with this, my education has provided me with the knowledge I need to have a career in not only in engineering but multiple different sectors.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

There are not many other courses you can study at university that really broaden your horizons after graduation, but this is one of them. Your career path is absolutely not limited and you will have gained knowledge that you can use both systematically and creatively to back that up. Take the course seriously and you will do well, but remember to enjoy your time at Leeds too!