Zubair Lutfullah

Zubair Lutfullah

Why I chose to study Embedded Systems at Leeds

My course is very specific and I could only find it offered in three places. Out of the three, Leeds was the highest ranking university. The School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering also came top in the last Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), which is very important to a postgraduate.

Postgraduate Accommodation

My accommodation here is excellent. I live in Montague Burton Halls, which is owned by the University and is five minutes from campus. It is an ideal location because between lectures I can easily come home for a meal and be back within the hour. It’s very convenient. I am in a self-catered flat, with five single rooms sharing one kitchen and bathroom facilities. There’s a mix of undergraduates and postgraduate students, which is great. I’ve made friends with all my housemates and we often cook food for each other. My flatmates are on different courses so if they have friends over, I get to meet them.

Being in halls is great because there is so much going on. During the winter our hall executives organised a trip to go ice skating and managed to get us cheap tickets. We gathered as a group and went to Millennium Square. It was pretty difficult skating on ice but it was the first time I’d tried it! It was easy to pick out familiar faces because so many people from my halls were there. It’s moments like that which have made living in halls so much fun. Everyone has been really positive and welcoming.