Tom Davies

Tom Davies

My career so far

Since graduating I have worked at Hyperdrive Innovation for almost two and a half years. As an engineer, I am always working towards expanding my knowledge and trying to be involved in all types of engineering. I continue to learn outside of work through training courses and the online edX system which offers many courses across engineering disciplines.

I volunteer with Greenpower which works to promote sustainable engineering to young people and I am also volunteering to help out at the Newcastle Maker Faire this year which is always full of crazy and wonderful projects usually incorporating many blinking LEDs.

More about my job role

At Hyperdrive I have worked on all aspects of electronic engineering from initial concept through to schematic capture, PCB design, writing firmware, testing and production.

I have worked on a number of projects including working with a leading German automotive OEM, running student projects with both Newcastle and Durham Universities as well as multiple projects based around our electric vehicles.

I am currently working on a data logger project that I have designed and I am now in the testing and validation phase, the project is already being demonstrated to Newcastle University for use in a two year project involving some of the latest electric vehicles.

How my degree at Leeds helped to secure my job

The Embedded Systems Engineering course at Leeds provided much of the knowledge that I now use on a daily basis within my job.

I believe my dissertation project gave me a distinct advantage over the other candidates and led me to be chosen for the position. My tutor and project supervisor, Dr Evans, provided a lot of support that enabled me to write and build a project that I could showcase in my interviews to demonstrate the application of the theory learnt in the lectures.

My favourite part of the course

The mixture of embedded subjects available, resources available to the students and the teaching staff that took the time to help outside of lectures.

My advice to prospective students

If you are interested in embedded systems, Leeds is the University to choose. The teaching, facilities and overall high ranking of the department means that you will not find it difficult to find an interesting job after graduating. Make full use of the facilities and build a project which can be used to demonstrate your engineering capabilities to prospective employers.