Akshaya Katti

Akshaya Katti

About my current role

As an Embedded Systems Developer working on Layer 2 of the LTE Modem with BlackBerry Wireless Group, mykey roles are in the region of development & testing. I was also previously an Embedded Systems Engineer at Mindtree, in Bangalor, India, where I specialised in protocol design, development, storage and testing for internet protocol cameras.

How my degree from Leeds has helped me in my career

As an International student from India, my decision to study at University of Leeds was strongly influenced by its international reputation and the recognition in UK and overseas. The teaching staff at the Electronics and Engineering department have been supportive and provided the necessary basic foundation that was required to succeed in my studies and secure a job.

My favourite part of the course

The Embedded Systems course was very well structured and all the units were well delivered. During the master’s course I got an opportunity to study a diverse breadth of interesting aspects in field of Software C programming, Networking and Hardware. The course was challenging, but provided me with a solid foundation in embedded systems. The assignments given were challenging and practical oriented but proper guidance from our teaching staff lead to deep understanding.

My advice to prospective students

From my personal experience I feel that companies in UK look for strong basic knoweldge in the field of Software/Hardware programming. Over the course all the modules are well structuredtostrengthen your basic knowledge, please take complete advantage of it and excel in your studies and job.