Iosifina Angelidi

Iosifina Angelidi

Why did you choose to study your course and why did you choose the University of Leeds?

My exponentially growing love for physics and mathematics, and my desire for answering some of the big questions in fundamental sciences were key reasons why I chose to study Theoretical Physics. Why Leeds? Where else?! It’s a beautiful city with both beautiful landscapes as well as bars and pubs!

What were the best aspects of studying on your course and why?

I got to meet very special people, not only course-mates but also professors who I try to stay in touch with! Whenever I wasn’t feeling well (being an EU student away from your family isn’t always easy), I always received help from the department and I am very grateful for that! The lecturers at the department are some of the world’s best scientists and the modules offered have provided me with the relevant skills and knowledge for my future career.

Did you work on any interesting projects at university?

My final year project, supervised by Prof J.K.Pachos, was a theoretical physics project on Quantum Computation using anyons. It was very exciting to work on such a project and contribute to current research. If you are interested to know more about my project, you can find a summary here.  

What’s the most important thing you learned during your time at university?

To never give up! In my first semester at university, quantum mechanics was the part of physics that I really struggled with... Now I am on route to completing an MSc in Quantum Dynamics! I am strongly motivated to proceed with a PhD and hopefully follow an academic career path as a mathematical physicist.

What experiences at Leeds have particularly helped with your career?

I would say that my final year project, which was on Topological Quantum Computation, really paved the way towards my Master’s degree! Moreover, all the modules taken during my undergraduate degree empowered my problem-solving and time-management skills, making me a more organised and proactive person!

Would you recommend your course to others?

Definitely! I enjoyed every part of it! I would really love to see more female students doing physics and for that one of my main goals in life is to inspire more women into physics!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with new students?

I would say that it is important to grasp any opportunity that appears during your studies because it will really assist you afterwards. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to work for six weeks during my second year at university, as a summer researcher at the School of Physics and Astronomy. After this experience, it became even clearer to me that having my own research project and following a career in academia is exactly what I want to do in the future!