Head of School Excellence Scholarship - School of Civil Engineering

How to apply

No application necessary. You will automatically be considered for this scholarship.


You must be new to the University, enter onto Level 1 and be classified as UK for tuition fee purposes and not be in receipt of any other School of Civil Engineering award.

You must achieve a yearly attainment percentage of 70% or above (to include all compulsory modules) with all modules passed at the first attempt. The scholarship will be withheld in a year if you fail to achieve 70%, but will be reinstated the following year if your performance recovers to 70% or over. £1,000 will be awarded per year of study. 

You won’t receive the scholarship for the industrial placement year or study abroad year. 

If you’ve successfully completed a foundation year course at the University of Leeds you’ll also be eligible for this scholarship.

Year of entry


Internal or external

Internal (funded by the University of Leeds)