Xiaoyang Sun

Xiaoyang Sun


This is a first-year Ph.D. student at the University of Leeds and I was awarded the master's degree at Beihang University and have two periods of internship experience at Alibaba Group Inc.

I have published a poster on USENIX SOSP’2017, a conference paper on IEEE ICDCS’2018, and a journal paper on IEEE TPDS’2020.

Research interests

My interests and research areas include resource management in distributed systems, task orchestration, parallel computation, and machine learning, etc.

The open-source projects I am familiar with are Hadoop YARN, Kubernetes(K8s), Docker and etc. Recently, I am focusing on Tensorflow, Tensorflow Lite, DL4J, etc. to optimize objectives on Edge Computing.


  • M.Eng. on Computer Software and Theory.
  • B.Eng. on Computer Science and Technology.