Rahman Attar

Rahman Attar


Abdolrahman Attar Qazaani (known Rahman Attar to friends) was born in Tehran-Iran (1989). He graduated from the University of Guilan with a BEng degree in Computer Engineering in 2012. In 2013, he joined Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) at University of Lincoln (UK) where he received a full scholarship to carry out research on image enhancement and registration for the latest generation of wireless endoscopy systems with multiple image sensors, under supervision of Prof. Shigang Yue. During this period, he visited the Institute of Microelectronics at Tsinghua University in Beijing (the most leading research institute of Asia) as a senior visiting scholar under the supervision of Prof. Zhihua Wang and Prof. Xiang Xie. He was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship to be involved in the EU FP7- EYE2E/LIVCODE projects during his study. He received MPhil degree from School of Computer Science - the University of Lincoln in 2015 and since then has collaborated with CIL as a research assistant and later as an associate member. 

He has completed several academic/industrial projects giving him the opportunity to publish several journal and conference papers in the field of image processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Click here to see the complete list of his publications available at Google Scholar. He has served as a reviewer for several leading journals and conferences including IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Medical Image Analysis, and MICCAI. Since 2010, he also has had various teaching responsibilities as a tutor, teaching assistant, and lab demonstrator in several BSc and MSc courses such as data structures and algorithms, artificial Intelligence, discrete mathematics, advanced programming, and scientific software development.

Currently, he is a PhD candidate (2016-2020) at Centre for Computational Imaging and Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine (CISTIB). He has been awarded a Faculty of Engineering Doctoral Academy Scholarship to undertake research in CISTIB under supervision of Prof. Alejandro Frangi. The main aim of his current project is to develop automatic image analysis methods capable of extracting quantitative imaging biomarkers from large population imaging cohorts in an accurate, robust and efficient manner. This work demonstrates these techniques in the UK Biobank Cardiac MR Imaging Study and has led to some other collaborations with clinicians in the Leeds Institute of Cardiac and Metabolic Medicine (LICAMM) at School of Medicine in Leeds or other external collaborators such as Prof. Stefan Neubauer and Prof. Stefan K. Piechnik (University of Oxford) and Prof. Steffen Petersen (Queen Mary University London). 

CISTIB  | Center for Computational Imaging & Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine, School of Computing

LICAMM  | Leeds Institute of Cardiac and Metabolic Medicine, School of Medicine

University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

Worsley Building, Rm 8.49, Clarendon Way, Leeds LS2 9LU, United Kingdom 

Research interests

Medical Image Computing | Medical Image Analysis | Biomedical Image Analysis

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  • Computational Medicine