Lucía Gómez Álvarez

Lucía Gómez Álvarez


Lucia is a trained computer scientist, passionate about both research and education. After her MsC in Intelligent Systems at Leeds, she started a PhD research project on knowledge representation formalisms to represent and reason with terms displaying semantic indeterminacy, which has led to the development of the modal standpoint logic.

Moreover, she has worked as a teaching assistant and delivered lectures at the School of Computing, and also participated in other education initiatives outside university such as Code First Girls at Leeds, the Shila of Tigray mountaineering school in Ethiopia and several projects in the Western Sahara Refugee Camps in Tindouf, Algeria.

Research interests

My research interests are broad and multidisciplinary, ranging from philosophy (studies of vagueness in natural language, ontology, …), logic (in particular modal frameworks), cognitive science (how humans use and reason with concepts) and artificial intelligence (how can we use these frameworks to solve real life problems). 

Beyond the development of the logical framework, I look at the domain of Geographic Information Science and work on a particular case study: “The broad semantic indeterminacy of forestry terms within policy and research”. My interest is how the use of standpoint logic, together with existing resources such as the ENVO ontology and data portals like Global Forest Watch, can support queries involving semantically heterogeneous terms and facilitate the analysis and interoperation of data from different organisations.


  • BSc Computer Science, University of Oviedo
  • MSc Advanced Computer Science: Intelligent Systems, University of Leeds

Research groups and institutes

  • Artificial Intelligence