Project work

Year three

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The third-year individual project is a significant step to deepen your interests in computing and in preparation for your career upon graduation. You’re expected to carry out a piece of individual research and will have an academic supervisor who offers guidance throughout. Depending on the choice of the project, you may tackle a theoretical study, an exploratory software development, a software product or an empirical investigation.

A variety of projects are undertaken each year. Some were for external organisations such as the NHS, charities and software companies; others were based on research interests within the School. Examples of recent projects include:

  • 3D Noughts and Crosses with Baxter, a Humanoid Robot: development of a software system run on the University’s Baxter Research Robot, enabling him to participate in playing 3D Noughts and Crosses with another human player.
  • Design of Quad Rotor Semi-Autonomous Flight Controller Software: a quad rotor was designed, built and developed to be able to fly semi-autonomously maintaining a target altitude. A Base Station application was developed to control and display data from the Quad Rotor.
  • The Leeds Method of Management antibiotic app: a mobile application was developed that can display information about pathogens and drugs as well as working offline. This was so doctors can have a quick reference guide in the palm of their hand without the need of an internet connection.
  • Delivering a Cloud Monitoring Tool: a platform-agnostic cloud monitoring tool is designed and implemented capable of collecting monitoring data from the cloud, physical host and virtual machine layers. By provisioning a custom test-bed running OpenStack it demonstrated that the tool is able to collect and supply a series of metrics.

In the Intelligent Systems and Robotics module you will work with our TurtleBots to design, implement and test different control and perceptual systems.