Hannah Henry

Hannah Henry

Why did you choose to study at Leeds?

Everything about the University of Leeds made me feel comfortable. When I first came onto campus there was a huge buzz and lots of energy, and that's something that continues all year round with various stalls and markets that are open. The union has so much to offer in terms of charity events and societies, anything that you want to do Leeds has it and if not, you have the opportunity to start something yourself! The facilities the University have are also fantastic, everything from the libraries to the sports facilities.

Have you undertaken project work during your course?

On the Computer Science course there are various projects that you will encounter throughout the degree.In first and second year we carried out group projects, where we presented and discussed some of the research topics from the School. In second year we also had a software development project. In third year I faced two solo projects, both needed some creativity alongside knowledge as we had to design and develop an ontology and a user adaptive system.

How have you found life in Leeds?

Leeds has a great atmosphere, and is full of friendly people. The nightlife is fantastic, from going to barsto going to the big clubs, there is something to cater for everyone. The shopping is fantastic too, not only for high street stores but also for the independent and vintage shops. And if shopping and clubbing aren't your thing, then Leeds also is a huge cultural hub with gigs, theatre performances as well as Northern Ballet taking place pretty much every night.

Outside of my studies I have been part of the Modern Dance Society since my first year and I have loved every moment with them! I've participated in the university dance show as well as inter-university dance competitions in my second and third years.

Have you undertaken any work experience?

During my degree I have undertaken several work experience placements in varying sectors, including finance and computing. I did a placement at Barclays HO in Canary Wharf within Legal and Compliance Operations and also did a summer placement with a company called Human Recognition Systems at Wavertree Technology Park (Liverpool), where I was a Software Intern.

On these placements I gained insight into how large companies function, I was able to discuss key functions with senior members of staff and during one of my placements I learnt new programming and computing skills which worked very well alongside my degree.

Work experience is invaluable, if you get the opportunity to do it, then take it!

What are your plans for the future?

After graduating I would like to spend several years in the computing industry before completing a PGCE course to become a teacher of Mathematics.My final year project is based around teaching and the new curriculum changes so I feel that will give me some good guidance and insight into teaching now. The University and the School of Computing both offer employability and careers advice, as well as lectures, meetings, guest speakers, and fairs which give you the chance to get first hand information from people in industry.