Vivian Igenewari

Vivian Igenewari

Why I chose to study MSc Advanced Computer Science (Cloud Computing) at the University of Leeds.

I opted for universities with good rankings in Computing. My choices were Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester. During the application process, I asked a number of questions and I noticed that out of the three, I had prompt and better feedback from the support team in Leeds. By the time I got Unconditional Offers from all three, it was easy to choose Leeds coupled with the fact that they were known to be student-focused. I can better verify this fact now that I am studying at the University.

What it's like to study at Leeds

I had to do a lot of background reading in the first semester. The lecturers are very understanding and agreed to extra classes, revision and personal tutorship. The combination of both the personal and professional touch made the difference for me. Now I am in my second semester and I have a better understanding of the basic concepts required hence, my studies are generally going on seamlessly.

An MSc generally requires proper time management and you can be able to add extra-curricular activities to your schedule without adversely affecting the studies. Cloud Computing is a very practical course and I have been exposed to a cloud testbed that exists in the school where I have learnt quite a lot from.

About my research project

The research project is about investigating Hadoop deployment models and how performance factors relate to power consumption, so as to assess the Energy efficiency of both the physical and virtual machines with a view to possibly propose better models.

The best aspects of studying at the university

The Student support team are great, they are always ready to answer the most trivial questions. I also enjoy all of the facilities on campus, including The Edge gym, libraries and the cafe's. The Leeds University Union has got a lot of Societiesto help when you need to relax, there are even programs for student-parents and their children!

Leeds really is s a wholesome environment for learning!