Anders Aaberg

Anders Aaberg

Anders was awarded one of the School of Computing’s Excellence Scholarships.

Why I chose to study Advanced Computer Science at the University of Leeds

I specifically chose to do the MSc in Advanced Computer Science because it offers taught modules that will be important for me in order to secure a good job in the IT-industry.

I had already completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Science in the UK and as I knew I needed a postgraduate degree in order to get a job as Software Developer in Denmark, it was the natural next step for me to complete my studies with an MSc in the UK.

The best aspect of the course

The best aspect of the course so far has been the taught modules, I've found them really interesting and useful. Also the University is a really great place to study.

Activities outside of my studies

Outside of my studies I am a course representative, which means I ensure that the academic staff delivering my course hear any concerns or needs of the students on my course. I also play badminton and spend a lot of time hanging out with my study mates.

My ambitions for the future

Once I graduate I plan to return to Denmark and work as a software developer. I have already been hired as student programmer at a Danish Software development company, Systematic, where I did a placement as a part of my undergraduate degree, so it seems very likely that they will employ me as a graduate programmer once I have completed my MSc here at Leeds.

My advice to prospective students

Advanced Computer Science at the University of Leeds is not just another generic IT course; it involves theoretical computer science, mathematics and a number of very industry-relevant modules, so prepare to work hard! But you will definitely benefit from the effort later in your career.