Dr Claudia Castro Faccetti

Dr Claudia Castro Faccetti


I have a BEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Cartagena, Colombia. In 2014, I joined the University of Leeds to pursue my master studies in Water, Sanitation and Health Engineering, from which I graduated with distinction. Upon completion of my MSc, I continued at the University of Leeds to undertake PhD research on the topic “Modelling dilution and transport processes from marine outfall discharges”, funded by the regional government of Bolívar, Colombia.

My expertise lies in modelling turbulent mixing, with focus on buoyancy driven flows and their application in understanding pollutant dilution and dispersion. Some of the environmental flow applications of my research are in the simulation of marine outfalls and ventilation in buildings. 

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher working on the EPSRC funded project “Healthcare Environment Control, Optimisation and Infection Risk Assessment (HECOIRA)”. My main responsability within this project is using computational fluid dynamics and ventilation network models to simulate indoor airflows in hospitals. The project involves working with an academic team and external partners in the NHS to model real hospital environments and link airflow models to infection risk models to simulate airborne transmission of disease under different conditions.


Research interests

My main research interest lie in the environmental fluid flow problems, with a strong focus on turbulent mixing and their application in understanding real life problems such as dilution and transport of pollutants from wastewater discharges and airborne pathogen movement and deposition in buildings. I am also interested in interdisciplinary research aiming to develop sanitation solutions for the developing world.

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