Dr Yong Sheng

Dr Yong Sheng


B.E., M.Sc. Ph.D

Research interests

  • Multi-scale Numerical Analysis
    Micro- and Macroscopic numerical methods and applications in Structural Engineering, Composite Materials and Geotechnical Engineering 
  • Rock and Soil Mechanics
    Mechanical properties of rock and soil,  Wellbore Stablity, CO2 Storage (CCS) in Geological Reservoirs, Underground Coal Gastification (UCG) and CCS
  • Microscopic and rheological properties of engineering materials, such as:
    concretes, ceramics, textile composites, pharmaceutical powders and other particulate materials , etc.
  • Contact Mechanics Interfacial mechanics between particles
  • Bio-Mechanics
    Mechanical analysis of tissues and bones

UCG&CO2 STORAGE European Commission RFCS project (RFC-PR-09022), 2010-2013

Strengthening of masonry arch highway bridges EPSRC CASE/CNA/07/22, 2007-2010

Development of tools for managing the long term impacts on surface of mine water rising European Commission RFCS project, (7220–PR136), 2003-2006

Optimization of mine water discharge by monitoring and modelling of geo-chemical process and development of measures to protect aquifers and active mining areas from mine water contamination. ECSC project, (RFC-CR-03006) 2003-2005

Stress-induced consolidation of ceramic agglomerates. EPSRC project (GR/N13050), 2000-2003

Penetration of drug particles into human tissue. Sponsored by Royal Society London, 1999-2000

3D homogenization method for textile composites. National Nature and Science Foundation of China (NNSFC) (No.19702016), 1995-1998

Student education

Undergraduate CoursesCIVE 1140 Fundamentals of MechanicsCIVE 1120 Stress and Structural Analysis Postgraduate CoursesCIVE 5959 Advanced Structural AnalysisCIVE 5970 Advanced Structural Analysis

Research groups and institutes

  • Materials and Structures