Meng Li

Meng Li


Meng Li is now a second year PhD candidate of Architecture & Urbanism Research Group in University of Leeds, who is under of supervision her main supervisor Dr Gehan Selim and co-supervisor Professor Stephen Garrity. She has more than five years working experience in a Collage of China as a lecturer in the field of heritage protection after acquiring her MA in Creative and Cultural Business in Glasgow Caledonian University in 2013.

Research interests

Meng Li’s research will examine the evolution of the collective memory and identy of tomb keepers’ decendants from 17th century till present, which is associated to the Imperial Tombs of Qing dynasty in China. In her research, the potential opportunity for retrieving the groups’s collective memory, which will be beneficial for heritage conservation, will also be investigated. This research work will apply qualitative methods such as fieldwork, interviews, observation, searching on original archives, and story telling etc. Some information about the Imperial Tombs of Qing dynasty in China can be accessed via UNESCO website:


  • 2012-2013 Glasgow Caledonian University, MA in Creative and Cultural Business
  • 2005-2009 Capital Normal University (China), BA in Chinese Language and Literature (Normal)