Mahmoud Shehata

Research interests

Construction projects in Egypt are becoming increasingly complicated in nature, requiring more specialist discipline input resulting in a much greater volume of technical information which, in turn, requires an advanced level of management and coordination. In such contexts, conventional project filing systems and information workflows are becoming out of date and not sufficient for effective project delivery. There appears to be a need for an advanced information delivery system. It is due to the reasons mentioned above, this research suggests the use of lean construction and BIM methodologies collectively in order to enhance and increase the efficiency of Egypt’s construction industry.

Although the two concepts may appear conceptually independent and unrelated, recent studies supported a number of synergies between the two concepts that extend beyond their essentially circumstantial nature. This Research will investigate the BIM - Lean synergies in Egypt taking in consideration the nature of the Egyptian context, with the aim of establishing a better understanding of the relationship between lean construction and BIM. The research will investigate the synergies by compiling a detailed listing of lean construction principles and BIM functionalities which are relevant from this perspective. A research framework for analysis of the interaction between lean and BIM will then be compiled with the purpose of establishing the BIM – Lean framework that can be used in construction projects in Egypt.


  • B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Civil Engineering