Diletta Colette Invernizzi


Diletta Colette Invernizzi is a researcher and PhD student in the Civil Engineering department at the University of Leeds (UK). Her key research topic is project management in the nuclear power sector. She is developing a methodology to analyse the performance of nuclear project. Key emphasis is on the correlation between project characteristics and performance, including budget, schedule, quality, safety & stakeholders’ management of nuclear decommissioning projects and programmes. The research it is sponsored by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Diletta graduated in Politecnico di Milano (Italy). She obtained her BEng in Energy Engineering (3 years full-time) in 2012 and her Msc in “Management Engineering” in 2015. Her MSc dissertation on project management in the energy sector has won the “Gustavo Sclocchi Thesis Award” in 2015, sponsored by SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) international, ASSOMINERARIA, and EAGE (Europea Association of Ge-scientists and Engineers). The results of the MSc dissertation have also been published in the scientific article “Energy”, in the article "Investment and risk appraisal in energy storage systems: A real options approach".

Research interests

The aim of this research is to assess the statistical correlation and understand the eventual causation among the projects characteristics and their performance. This will allow to develop guidelines to improve the project management performance of future projects. My focus is on nucelar decommissioning proejcts and programmes, therefore the following websites are relevant to collect information:

Since my MSc Thesis was focusing on the investment appraisal of Energy Storage Systems, the following websites are also recommended:

Research groups and institutes

  • Energy Leeds
  • Nuclear Leeds
  • Sustainable Low Carbon Futures