Robbie Williams-Crew

Robbie Williams-Crew

So what did I look for when I was choosing a university? A balance between being challenged by my course and a good social life - and the University of Leeds has exactly this. The engineering courses offered a wealth of contact time and a wide variety of interesting modules; the Student Union boasted countless societies.

In the end I decided to study architectural engineering. Originally I wanted to choose architecture, but I realised I wanted to know more about structural design - how buildings worked, not just how they looked. After my interview here and tour around the department I thought the course in architectural engineering offered a good mix of artistic and engineering design.

As a child I was always interested in how things work. We had a huge amount of Lego at home and I spent a lot of time building and putting things together. Unsurprisingly I was interested in maths and physics at school but also art and design. These subjects all came together in my degree.

With modules ranging from geotechnics to building services, the course gave me a good overview of design processes. We also learned about many sectors of civil engineering, so I was able to make an informed decision about which sectors I wanted to work in.

I decided to follow my interest in geotechnics; today I am a geotechnical engineer with UTEC Geomarine Ltd. My background in holistic design - this is what architectural engineering gives you - helps me to think around problems and consider all their conceivable solutions.

This lateral thinking is useful in all careers. It opens up many doors to graduates.