Emily Rothwell

Emily Rothwell

I chose the University of Leeds because I fell in love with the city and because everything is on one main campus. I liked having everything within a 10-15 minute walk; meeting friends on other courses was really easy.

Civil Engineering stood out as the course for me: a mix of mathematics, design and hands-on project work. I never enjoyed copying information from text books, so I wanted a course based on practical learning.

The course definitely helped me secure my first job. Employers are very aware of the skills you need to complete a Leeds engineering degree and the University is well regarded among employers.

When I started applying for jobs I noticed that employers were not just looking for technical knowledge; they wanted to know I could deliver individual and group projects, manage my time and cope under stress. They were also really interested in previous work experience as much as my technical ability. Although I was applying mainly for project management graduate jobs rather than engineering vacancies, I was fortunate to have site, structural and project management experience to draw on.

Since starting my job at Jacobs I have experienced many different roles and activities, from project start-up to completion. I have worked on multi-disciplinary design projects, overseen the management of a large government framework, and worked as a client representative.

My most interesting project at the moment is the building of the courtroom for the Hillsborough inquests. This will probably be the fastest paced project I will ever experience as the contractor is working 24/7 to deliver the building on time.