Dr Costas Velis

As a programme manager, I enthusiastically work to ensure that your opportunity to learn is the most up to date, diverse and with vital societal needs. This includes preventing river flooding, providing clean water and wastewater supply, generating renewable energy, optimising recycling to save finite resources, remediating land contaminated from our industrial past, and designing hospital wards that prevent disease transmission. Part of my role is to constantly reflect upon your learning experience and seek unique opportunities that may benefit you. 

Through research-based learning, you will have the opportunity to be taught by passionate world-leading experts and become converse with major current challenges. For instance, the 'Integrated Design Projects' simulate real-life work conditions that allows you to work in teams and take a cross-disciplinary approach, which is fundamental to environmental engineering. In our state-of-the-art laboratories, you will be conducting experiments and analysing information using statistical tools. I myself manage the Solid Waste Laboratory, and I am delighted to see how this will aid you in incorporating science into your engineering practice.

My research is underpinned by materials science, meaning doing experiments in the lab, and looking at systemic performance of infrastructure for solid waste. For example, optimising recycling or manufacturing solid recovered fuels to replace fossil fuels. Additionally, my research team investigates how to use solid wastes to preserve finite resources, close material loops and accommodate for our energy needs, in environmentally sound clean material flows, while maximizing the overall benefits to society. It is called 'circular economy' and I co-ordinate a network of academics across the campus with the same interests. We often work at an international level, such as the recent Global Waste Management Outlook, which has a unique overview of how our planet manages its solid waste, commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 

It is highly rewarding to have students working with me on their 3rd and 4th year research projects. Students on this programme will have the opportunity to address real-life challenges, liaise with leading international organisations and contribute sustainable engineering solutions to the world.

I am extremely honoured to be part of your learning experience. Each year I look forward to welcoming the new cohort of the Civil and Environmental Engineering students, who would then eventually become part of our alumni and engineering a better life, all over the world.

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To find out more about my research activities, the students I am supervising and some of my recent publications, visit my staff page.

If you have any specific questions about the content of the programme, please contact me via e-mail: c.velis@leeds.ac.uk.

For any questions relating to the admissions process and/or your current application please contact our admissions team: ugcivil@leeds.ac.uk.